30 October 2012

30 Oct Tues 2012 Preping

Here are some bullets:
*Hung out with my son. Finished the kitchen!! Now it is bascially spottless!!!
*I called my father to make sure that my uncle is ok as can be expected.
*Did some HW
*Did some more house work
*EWWW return of the migrain!! Sucky sucky sucky! At least it is late at night when my son is sleeping!
* my finger is super infected :C

    My son's rash is doing soooo well with the new meds! I am soo happy that he is doing better!

    My dog is soo needy! I understand. He is not a toy for my son who I can I turn on and off. I know that he has his own independant needs. I have to start giving him much more attention. And not just group attention. One on one attention.

   Okay so to be sure I started my blog as a way to express myself and to connect with others. However I also had another intention when I started. I wanted to publish information about preping and homesteading. Tee hee. I have sorta not done that in the lest.

   When looking in to preping I have broken areas of interest up as follows.
1. Water
2. Food
3. Sanitation
4. medicine
5. Safety
6. Fitness
7. Protection
8. Education
9. Travling
10. Communication and trade
11. Crafting
12. MISC + DYI skills
13. Comfort

    A lot of these have subcat . Like for food. Its gardening, storage, canning, skinking and quartering, cooking. etc

    With all of these I am going to tag them based on this numbering list. So "Prep 1" tag would be anything relating to water.


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