07 November 2012

Hurrican Sandy

    When I tell people that I prep it is always follwed with "Why?" The main reason why
I prep is because I love to learn about new things! And with prepping it is never anything but constant learning!
     And unlike with other hobbies I feel that prepping provides me with useful information! Information that my family can benefit from. I know I know, hobbies dont have to be useful. But if I am going to be spending my time on something I want it to be productive, even my down time.

   I get a lot of ney sayers though. They say that by preping I am sucoming to a fear based lifestly. But I totally disagree! If anything it gives me a sense of security knowing that if there is ever a need that we are ready!

    The reality is that even if WWZ, or hyper inflation never come there are a lot of good and practical reasons to aquire basic preping skills.  Hurrican Sandy is a great example. Lots of people except hurricans along the coast. Many people further inland did not expect it and found themselves unprepared. Another examply is an elderly man and his wife who were able to stay alive and fend against drug users by hiding and finally shooting them from their safe room.

   As I watch the after math of Hurrican Sandy my heart feels truely and deeply burdened! When the whole Japna thing happened the news kept asking "why is it America gave more to Haiti?" I think it just shows how much less and less and less Americans have to give. Even to ourselves, with so many of us, having so little, giving any amount can be very difficult. I have been so blessed when I hear of some of these wonderufl stories about the human spirit coming out of this horriable situation.
    With so much being so uncertain, why not try to give yourself and your family a safty net? Only God can grant us true security. But I dont think having said that, that we are not suppose to , through his blessings, try to provide for ourselves and our neighbors too

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