20 November 2012

Prepping to prep!

So I know that I posted my list of how I organize my prepping info. Here is that list again.

When looking in to prepping I have broken areas of interest up as follows.
1. Water
2. Food
3. Sanitation
4. medicine
5. Safety
6. Fitness
7. Protection
8. Education
9. Traveling
10. Communication and trade
11. Crafting
12. MISC + DYI skills
13. Comfort

What I have found in my prepping journey is that there is more to preping than the actual prepping. There is a lot of excuse the pun, prep work that goes in to.


This post is going to be about prepping to prep!

One of the first steps that you need to take is understanding what you already have and what gaps you need to overcome. What are we talking about here?

The very first thing is what kind of life do you imagine for your and your family? Take a mental tour of what your perfect life looks like. (money is not an issue here) How does you life now compare to that one? Are there huge gaps? If there are then we will go over some possible ways of overcoming those gaps a little bit by little bit every day. (Reference “A creed to live by post”) In the same fashion what does a day in the life of you and your family look like in a SHTF (stuff hit the fan) situation? Most people do NOT want to just exist, even in a SHTF sitch people want to thrive and do well. What does well look like for you? This is REALLY important because most people do not take the time to really think about their needs. Like anything in life if you do not prep for it, it is not going to turn out how you want it! So really take the time and think this over. Get a really good vision of what you and your family wants and need. After having the vision that you crafted in mind …………….


1) The basics. Your budget!! Where are your priorities when it comes to your money? What extra can you spare?

2) A-how much does your family need to survive? How much do you currently have?

B- what gear does your family need vs have? Does everyone in your family know how to use the gear? Do they know how to clean it?

3) What are the skills that you and your family currently have. Are these enough to survive on? Are some of these skills ones that need to be practiced regularly? If these skills are, which most of them will be, how can you incorporate them in a fun way, in to your families schedual?

4) what is the level of your health? Don’t just think about physically but emotionally and mentally too. Do you need to lose weight? Is there any way that you can through diet, lifestyle change, get off of some medications? Do you handle stress well? Do you have good effective ways of communicating with others?

5) What is your back up plan? THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! Most people tend to favor one or the other survival method. Simply put your choices are leaving and be mobile or staying. I would suggest that it is good to focus on one, but HAVE the other as your back up plan!!! Understand that LIFE DOESN’T HAPPEN the way that YOU want it too! So be honestly prepared in using your back up plan.

6) Who is with you? Take stock in your community and family. Try to divide and conquer when it comes to new tasks and skills. Teaching each other is a lot easier than everyone trying to learn everything from scratch. Having a community that is better prepared is much better than one that is not. The more people in your plan though the harder logistics can be. Does everyone in your plan KNOW that they are in your plan? It might have always been in your plan that in a SHTF sitch that you would stop by and pick up your parents, do they know this? Do they have their own plans?

7) Have a rally point. Have a couple. Know how to get to them early in the day and at night when you cannot easily use landmarks to help you drive around. For fun, test them out :D Are they working? Are you choosing good points? [I suggest places that are not popular with people, where you can leave a bag, not so remote that the National guard wont take break camp (think state parks) When I was with my super abusive husband I tried to save money to get one of those cheapy gym memberships. When SHTF know one is going to flock to the gym and you can leave a bag. (that way when my son and I had to flee from my husband we’d have some things)]

8) Do you have all of your important documents in place? I know that in a SHTF sitch most people don’t think that this is important. I personally disagree. I think that there are different levels and that eventually life will resume back to normal.  As much as it is important to have a plan to survive and thrive it is also important to have a plan to transition back to normalcy.

This is just a short list to help you and your family prepare to prep.





  1. I love your list. Crafting, comfort...so great. SS always says it's no good without good moral :) Our list is a mess (of scribbly notes on a spiral pad), and we always feel behind. But I'd have to agree, there's more 'prep work' to prepping than there is prepping ha!

    1. With prepping I think that everyone is always behind :D Is there anything that you can think of adding to the list?

    2. Agreed...it is Dec. 1st after all ;)
      I'm not sure if you have shelter in one of the breakdowns of the categories, but I think it's an important one, especially for those that chose to leave/be mobile. We watch a lot of YouTube videos, there's TONS of information out there!

    3. Its under prep 9. Traveling. I assume that people have a place to bug in. I am so glad about all of the information that is out there! Its so great! I read a lot of books but there are somethings that just dont click until I see it.


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