21 August 2013

A rare glimpse

           A while back my son was playing with his penis. He was playing with it because it can now come out of its sheath.  As he was playing with it I noticed that when ever he took it out that it smelled.

Ma’Ma: “eww, Son, your penis smells, that’s a dirty penis”

Son: “Ew?”

Ma’Ma: “Yes my son, ewwww, that’s a smelly penis. That penis needs to be cleaned”

Son:  * He leans over and starts sniffing the air as close to his penis. When he looks up he smiles and places his hands in the air,…(think Olympic victory style) then he begins to run around PENIS!! PEEEEE NIS! PENIS!”

Ma’Ma: “wait! What? No my son! That’s a dirty penis! Come here! We’ve got to clean that penis!” (there was some laughter had in between)

         I tell you what! That sucker can be FAST when he wants to be! He made me chase him down! I wont even go in to the story of cleaning it!

        Watching this happen I couldn’t help but feel that I was getting a rare glimpse in to the male inner child. .. What if,…. Whaaat if this is what all men feel like on the inside?! Watching him, all victorious, brought to mind a baby diehard.


  1. Too funny and yes I do think that the male inner child is doing just that in most men.


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