14 August 2013

The grocery store, not the place that you knew!

          Today my son and I went grocery shopping. Before hand we turned in our cans and bottles. It was so amazing! my lil GK loved loved loved it! All I could think about was the American Dad! quote "I am pleasuring Mother Earth! Just like every boy should" I wish I could have taken some pics or vids. It was wonderful to have done it so early in the morning, the machines were so temperamental!

       I want to say that before going in I was wholly unprepared! I JUST DIDN'T KNOW! What is it that I didnt know you ask? I had no clue how many words and numbers are in a grocery store!!! Now that my son is on the cusp of reading (and kinda sorta can read) he loves to point out all of the letters that he knows! More over he likes to point out new words and have me read them. My heart was sooo full! I was overjoyed with my son and his passion!
Ma'ma! Look! Ma'ma T!!
Yes son that is a T (or no son thats a captial I)
Ma'ma look! MA'MA!!
Son that says gravy
Ma'ma,.. ma'ma,...ma'ma,...ma'ma,...ma'ma,...MA'MA!!

          So while my heart was over flowing,.. part of me was in crestfallen! After all, this was not suppose to be no three hour shopping trip!

         Who knew?! Before my son started to read I certainly did not! I was blissfully unaware of all the words and numbers that SURROUND us, consume us, attack us, every. single. day! Now I can not go a moment without my son letting me know.

         During the middle of our trip I had to use the restroom. After getting in I saw that there was only one stall that was already in use. I tell my son "oh no! we have to wait. We have got to share and take out turn for the potty" Now a brief backstory to this. Right before we went shopping we stopped off to my mothers house to say a quick hello. I wasnt even sure if her and my kid sister were going to be there. As we take the turn on to her road he says "Oma! Oma! Oma!" I let him know "Maybe son, I am not sure if they are there. We are NOT going to visit, we are just going to say hi and get kisses" my son responds "ooOOOoooh.      .... OMA!" hahahah ok sure. She was there, we did say Hi and then we made our way to the store; BACK TO THE RESTROOM --- After telling my son someone else was using it and we had to share and take our turn he said "oma!?" Laughing I let him know. "NO silly! thats not Oma! Oma isnt even here with us!" (i thought I heard a lil chuckle from the other woman) "OH. ok" His response sent the other woman reeling with laughter. Convinced that I and Oma were playing a trick on him he startes shouting "Oma Oma Oma! with new abandon"  The other woman finishes up and to my son's HORROR she exits and he sees that it is, in fact, NOT oma! He was shocked! "Uh oh!" Laughter was had by all :D

          Another thing that I can not neglect to mention is that he was SUPER fascinated with the writing on the cart. You know, the store name on the handle. He kept trying to go through what he was sure was letters. "Z, A, J,..."
 "ah what? Oh no son, that is an S, you're reading it up side down"
"oh,..Ma'ma? what?"
"son, i said upside down. See? look. try reading it like this"
"Oh ok"

--- later on,.. "ma'ma? Z, A, J, 3"
"wait son. huh? What? oh no. son I said it was upside down remember?"
"oOOOOoooOOh Ok"
"ma'ma?.... Z?"
HAHAHAHAH we had to go through the whole dang word several millions of times (ok my at least 30)
        Who's bright idea was it to put that there?! OH THE INJUSTICE!!! (ok I get why they do it,... but dont they think about the children? OH what about the children!?! hahahaha)

       But lets be honest,... I couldn't be happier that he recognizes letters even upside down! (not correctly except the "a") But STILL, for him to have the knowledge that they were letters!

      Oh dear Lord, my son is such a gift! Every day as he grows and gets stronger, smarter, better than the day before I am left in total wonder about your perfect design is for us. Oh how wonderfully made we are indeed! I am so SOO very thankful to be apart of his life. So much more thankful for your prefect patience and mercy!! YOU alone are the perfect perfect parent. Motherhood is such an amazing gift that I take everyday. Motherhood is what brings me to my needs every morning and every night. Thank you Lord for 3 hour shopping trips! I know that my son is all yours! Thank you for sharing him with me, if even for a season. I know that you use everything for my good and yoru glory. To be sure, my favorit tool that you have used for your glory has been this chance and experience of motherhood. Thank you almighty!



  1. You had me cracking up with your story and Wow, I didn't think about the letters and numbers in a grocery store (just having returned from "making groceries")... My son is almost 6 months old... At least now I'll be prepared when he starts to read - the warning you shared about grocery shopping and I'll be prepared for a long trip. Lol.

    Oh, and too funny about the lady in the bathroom! My son calls my mom, "Oma" too.

    1. WOW I cant even believe you little one is 6 months! I have been a lot time reader. I just didnt know how long


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