20 August 2013


....................my son got the idea of NUMBERS!!


My son has always had a fascination with books and letters. I have never really tried to introduce numbers or counting. That is not to say that I have been negligent. I often count to him; whatever we see. Look there are two ladies, etc etc etc But I never stressed it and he never seemed interested. I cant stress this enough, best case scenario he would just laugh and worst case he would just completely tune me out. Again he is so interested with letters that I just let his passions direct our home schooling. There are moments where he loves to be counted too. These moments are most always with his grandpa. My father loves to hand him handfuls of different objects all the while counting to him. Cedric LOVES LOVES LOVES this! But I am adamant that it is because he gets such focused one on one time with his grandpa. Whenever they play this game they can barely breathe with all of the laughter.


FASTFORWARD-à Today my son kept saying something and I wasn’t clear on what it was he was saying. Sometimes when we go on and on with this I end up just picking a word I think sounds like the word that he is saying and just go with it. On this occasion I thought he was saying “two” so I ran with that.


Ma’ma: “two? Son did you mean two?” Then I hold up two fingers and show him two

Son:  “No!” then he waves his hands around indicating that he wanted me to put my hand down. My first thought is that he is not going to let what he wanted go and that he is going to try again.


I was in for a surprise! He holds up his finger and smiles pointing to his finger.

Ma’Ma: “One! That’s one finger”

Son:  “No ma’ma, two!”  then looking at his fingers he tries SO hard to get the second finger up,… AND MAKES IT!!!!!




We then went over again and again one and two. It was amazing! And except for the counting games (and Sesame Street) we havnt had any lessons on counting!


Side note: I would say that over the last week or two weeks my son has become super interested in numbers (the written symbols 1,2,3,4 etc) And as we spell out words he will occasionally throw in a number for good measure. He has been grabbing the numbers off of the fridge and trying to figure out which way they go! Its super cute. He will just sit there rotating the number trying to figure it out. I tell him “No my silly son! That’s not a letter! It’s a number!” He doesn’t believe me and starts to list off possible letters “p? umm j?” Since I have introduced capitol letters I have not even tried to start going over numbers! I tried placing them up higher on the fridge but then he just points at them!; and on one occasion used his chair to get them.  Now I just tell him the number and he will “think” about it for a moment before going “oh”



  1. Wow I can tell he gets his smarts from you!

  2. It's so fascinating to see how children learn and often times without us realizing what they are soaking up like a sponge!

    1. YES! its frightening! ....... Gotta watch what we say and do. Its crazy


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