21 August 2013

Today's highlight

 My son and I were eating our dinner and he finished his drink first thing right off the bat. After he finished his drink he came up and started to demand that I go and get him more drink. I had JUST sat down, and hadn't even taken a bite yet so I told him “No, not now”

He started crying. “Drink drink drink! *sobs*”

“Son, that is ugly, don’t act like that”

*sobs* “Drink drink drink!”

“Son, not now L-A-T-E-R”

…….*sniffles* “drink?”

“Later my son, eat some of your food. I am not going to do it now, let me eat then I will do it”

“Oh. ….NOW! drink! DRINK NOW!”

*jaw drop!*  I have told me son later a million of times. Recent events have made me reconsider my stance on weather or not Gnome King understands time. I was so proud and shocked that he picked up on the meaning and use of now.

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