01 August 2013

When disobedience is soooo freaking cute!

I put my son down to "recharge his batteries" and to my dismay later find him creeping in the hallway. What 

follows is our encounter

me: "Son! what ARE you doing?! You need to go to your room and go nigh night! You need to recharge your


Son: He had carried the pillow in to the hallway with him and when I confront him he crumples to the ground 

holding on to his pillow

Me: SON!? Come on now, lets go. Its time for your nap

Son: He stands up indignantly "A Mom!" then points at his pillow and crumples to the floor again (reminds 

me of how football (AM) players will crumple to protect the ball

Me: *chuckling* "Oh ok, yes I can see that you have your pillow there. Lets go and take it...distracted by our

 dog (NO DOUBT AN EXAMPLE OF THEM WORKING IN TANDEM!) I turn my attention away. 

Son: Gets up and takes advantage of my distraction to gain more "yardage" before crumpling to the ground

Me: HAHAHAHAHA Oh son,... no but seriously pick up your pillow lets go. 

-- at this point he goes for broke and abandons his pillow and go straight for the living room, shutting the 

door to keep me out.

Me: I go and put his pillow back, use the restroom,.. which for anyone with a toddler knows that this is the

most effective toddler bait, missed the opportunity, but finally was able to put him back. But not 

after another snack and him getting in trouble for wrestling with the dog. 

God,.. you NAILED IT! Thank you Lord!


  1. LMAO - now THAT is a SMART child!

  2. Cute! I shared the story with Jason and he said, "that's some funny stuff".

    1. yes. What I have found with parenting is that it helps to have a good sense of humor about things as they happen


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