05 September 2013

Ma'ma ears,... sometimes they need a tune up

     Wow I just struck out time and time again with my son today!

     This example I should have known! It all started out with my asking my son "do you want to watch Big Bang Theory?" His response was "yes" so I changed the channel.  Well he then started to point at the tv and yell "buh bye! buh bye! buh bye!" He was super upset that I wasnt in to what he was saying. I looked at him and said "buh bye!"
"NO! NO ma'ma! NO!" He says, pointing and shouting and jumping around, "buh bye!" this continues on for longer that I care to admit before I realize what he is actually saying is BIG BANG!"
................................................... you know,... like BIG BANG THEORY! UG!

This one threw me for a loop. He has now started calling me "mum" At first i thought that I was mishearing him, but now I am convinced that he is in fact saying "mum" The reason this has me thrown for a loop is because I neither 1)refer to myself as mum or 2) have others refer to me as mum. I think this has evolved from him hearing others refer to me as both mom and mommy and since I refer to myself as either ma'man or ma'ma he has taken them all and spilt the difference. Its akward and cute. That such an American (french) boy runs around calling me "mum" or "mummy" hahahahaha

My son kept asking for "P" I had no clue what he was saying! was he trying to tell me that he had to go pee? No that wasnt it,... I just couldnt figure it out. Soon i realized that whatever P was, it lives in the fridge,.. or so I thought. But whenever he opened the fridge he was so sad. Calling out for P, but it was no where to be found! Distraught he pleaded with me to share in his misery and to also call out to P. So there we are calling out to P when it hits me.... He wants PIZZA and we dont have any!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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