10 September 2013

PSA- car prepping for beginners

           (restatement from FB) So with winter on the horizon but summer not quite gone I thought I would talk a lil about car prepping. I know that for most of you, you are use to hearing me talk at length about outdoor survival skills and prepping at home. What I don’t talk about often is car prepping, and it is a dang shame! (restatement from FB ended)

         A lot of people feel that either with the prepping that they have done at home vs the survival skills that they have, that they are good to go. Many I think over look prepping for their cars.

         You can prep your home, you can have a go bag, you can have tons of out door skills, but where is that really going to land you if something was to happen to you during say the middle of the work week, in the middle of the work day.

         Disaster usually will always catch us off guard and then we are left to MacGyver our survival with what ever we have left in our desk and ultimately in our car. (Unless we also have a go bag at work,.. doubt most people have that)

           I want to stop here and say that I do think that EVERYONE,.. yes La de da de everybody should have a FEW things at work.

        * tennis shoes (mostly thinking of women here, if you are a man and can not for some reason run in your work shoes then you ALSO need tennis shoes

        * basic first aid kit (with water purifying tablets

        * water bottle

        * a non fashion jacket and a cap of some type

     Lets get real, you can put the first aid kit in a baggie and put that in either one of the shoes or in to the water bottle and put all of that in to one of the shoes. A friend of mine just gave me the idea that you can use a fanny pack. Good for both sexes!

        Getting back on track. So youre at work and a storm hits or some such so now you have to get to your family and get to safety. What do you have and what do you do.

      Here is my very BASIC list for car prepping

  1. A first aid kit (please they are not that big and its not as if you can have too many of them! I would suggest that for this kit that you have a small sewing kit and a Sam splint. Baby and or foot powder. Deodorant Plus band aids, pain killers, disinfectors, peroxide, sunscreen (I don’t care if it is winter PACK SOME) antibacterial gel, soap (as in bar soap) and a wash cloth, baby wipes. Mouthwash. Feminine hygiene products; both pads and tampons. YES EVEN FOR MEN! Here is my reason. They are cheap and sanitary. You can use the tampons for noses, and along deep gashes, ears. Pads can be opened up and used as gauze for field dressings. (all of this can be bought at the dang dollar tree store – the Sam splint) Vics vapor rub is also a great thing to have. Since I am writing this for the purpose of winter accidents we can assume that you may of may not be sick. Vapor rub has MANY other uses than relief from illness. You can use it to keep circulation in exterminates, as a topical pain killer, the list goes on and on. Any other items that are unique to your family
  2. A folder with important documents or copies of such. I know a lot of people are nervous about having their identities stolen from them, but I cant think of a good reason to not have a copy of the truly important documents in your car. (to include health stuff) Get creative storing it, I am sure it wont be an issue. Some people say to hid a piece of paper in a different local,.. but I don’t like that. PERSONALLY I put it in a folder and then just store it in one place.
  3. Water. One gallon per person that you can reasonably assume will also be with you. Not coworkers etc,
  4. Ziplock bags. These are used for just EVERYTHING! If it is too cold to leave the car, you can in a pinch use them as a toilet…… Its also great for using as a trash bin. Really you should just have them, and have them in different sizes
  5. kitty litter (or sand) again either can be purchased at the dollar tree store. It can be used to help get your car unstuck from the snow, or mud.
  6. clothing. A jacket, hat, gloves and scarf for each member of the family. I suggest wool. I have wool clothes and just love them. You also need extra socks. …… Depending on the type of room you have you can also carry a pair of sweat pants. Use clothes that you don’t normally wear, out of date / fashion, this shouldn’t be stuff that you go out and buy. BUT IF YOU DON’T HAVE SPARES,… GO AND BUY SOME STUFF!! There is just no reason not too! Everything BUT the jackets you can get at the dollar tree! The other thing that you should put in, if you can swing it, is rubber boots. I cant afford any so I have duct tape and plastic bags. (I am going to save up for my son to get a pair) You should be able to get everything BUT the jackets / sweaters in to the boots if you are lucky enough to have them. Also if you have some, reflective gear (think runners vests)
  7.  A sturdy child built shovel. (some say use collapsible ones, and if you are lucky enough to get a hold of an Etool then by all means do it! If you are going to use a collapsible shovel I say TRY IT OUT MORE THAN ONCE FIRST) good for digging out of the snow and also for last min self defense
  8. wet bag. (this can just be some garbage bags. This is for wet clothes and the like. Things that you don’t want to get your car wet or to get gross openly but don’t have to be sealed.
  9. a knife and or a mulit-tool
  10. mace
  11. a whistle – NOTE: I think with a whistle and some reflective gear you should be pretty set. Plus if you are stranded in your car you can start honking the horn etc etc Some people say buy flare guns, or use fire works,… but idk about all of that and for the basic list I am not going to include all of that
  12. a lil travel size bottle of cooking oil. You don’t want to be stranded in your car and then have the doors freeze. You don’t want to be in the sitch where you are going to have to exert TONS of energy kicking your way out of your car.
  13.  Multi use blanket and a cool ER one if you can get it. I also have two small pillows but that is a comfort thing
  14.  COMFORT ITEMS, I know that people don’t think that these are necessary, but most people do not handle well under pressure so having a book is a good thing!! One person can read to all of the others. (if you have children stuff for them too)
  15. Rain gear. I am talking the lil ponchos. Now you might not need if your other gear is water proof. And if you don’t want to buy then use trash bags.
  16.  Flash light with batteries
  17.  Food: Personally I like to use canned goods. Yes they take up more space but I personally find them better for our family. Like I said earlier I only pack out 2 gallons of water, one for each of us…. You can eat the food and then drink the syrup. Also I find that you can have a much more nutritious diet with canned foods. And I find them more filling that power bars. Now that is not to say don’t have power bars,.. HAVE POWER BARS. I know that I have not seen it out there in cyber space,.. But I am going to be a first and tell you, CARRY CANNED FOOD. You can place it all up in your space all around your spare,..
  18. CAN OPENER!!!!
  19. chains for your tires
  20. a spare tire
  21.  a tire sealant
  22. ice scraper
  23. An old cell phone with a car charger. (check weekly to make sure the battery is up) ALL WORKING CELL PHONES, ONES WITHOUT PLANS, ALL CELL PHONES WILL CALL 9-1-1!!!
  24. Maps of your area. I don’t care if you have GPS or what have you. If nothing else get one of those laminated large city maps.
  25. Reflective objects, either the triangles or SOMETHING else. Even reflective paint or ENG tape if you have it
  26. tow rope (not chains if you have them)
  27. jumper cables
  28. fold up cooler (you can put snow in there and have it slowly melt and not have it get every where)
  29. duct tape
  30. those collapsible reflective window things
  31. bag to keep all of your stuff in :D

Some people say that you should get / pack a wind up or alt energy radio,.. Idk about this one. But I thought I should mention it.

I keep my gear in a WWII Germany waterproof rucksack. I suggest that you do not squirrel away your gear in to any and all places (except for maybe the food) but rather keep it all together in one place.

            It doesn’t matter what you have if you don’t know how to use it. I would suggest that you go “car camping” often enough where you are comfortable with living in and out of your car for winter (or other) emergencies.

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  1. I live in New Orleans where if there is snow, the city shuts down and everyone is outside, kind of like Mardi Gras, without the parades. Lol. But I do like a LOT of the things you have on the list!


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