101 Things in 1,001 days

Start 21 June 2013
End 18 March 2016

Completed (10/101)

1) attend outside concert redundant
    Share with my son, my all time fav childhood park!
2) Go on a wine tasting adventure
3) learn Yoga
4) Make displays for goals / values / verses  and put it up
5) Buy a great camera
6) Be debt free. (or atleast 50% down,... not sure which is more realistic)
7) Find and maintain roses or rose like flowers for out home
8) Take my son to the FIRST ever cache!
9) learn about year round gardening / Grow all our own veggies
10) Create a house keeping book. (sort of like a real life pintrest binder)

11) learn to cut my son's hair
12) Go kayaking with my son
13) Get married ;D 11 Dec 13 wa wa wa 10 Dec 14?
14) fix tattoo
15) Sell one of my paintings
16) complete a half marathon
17) Learn to windsurf
18) Sign my son up for camp fire scouts
19) Put all of our photos in photo albums
20) Learn some sort of fighting style

21) Build and fly kites with my dearest son
22) knit my son and I Christmas stockings
23) No fast food for 6 months
24) no Soda for a month (then 3 months if I can do it! :D)
25) Go on a geocaching picnic
26) Buy a bird
27) Learn how my car works
28) Join a book club  8 July 2013!
29) Give a one time random 100% tip  25 Dec 2013
30) Take my son out for his first time camping

31) Watch a meteor shower
32) Go to a spa
33) See the Northern lights
34) Become fluent in French
35) Complete a 365 photo challenge
36) Read the entire bible
37) Write a letter to my future self to be opened when I finish this!!
38) Find a family photographer  9 July 2013
39) send and receive 100 post cards via postcrossing.com (0/100)
40) Create a dream board. Family and personal

41) Start a collection of something and stick to it
42) refind my perfect lipstick
43) get a hair curler Oct 2013 I dont like it though :C willing to trade
44) teach my son bocce ball
45) transition to all dresses /skirts
46) learn to play 25 worship songs (0/25)
47) Start tutoring on the side
48) Get a bicycle    Dec 2013
49) fix my vacuum cleaner
50) Take son to the aviary at the zoo Nov 2013 Family vaca

51) est a seasonal newsletter
52) Acquire 5 quality coffee table books
53) fix couch spot and clean couch
54) Fix or replace elliptical
55) make a 270 on the current pt test
56) go on a charity run for a cause that I believe in
57) make a runners tutu :D
58) go on 7 5k runs. (one per season)
59) put 11 USD in a savings account for each goal accomplished (0/101)
60) save 3 years worth of savings. (half in food / supplies, half in cash)

61) figure out all of the songs that I like and download them / buy them
62) make a mix list of each season of my life. Music life scrapbook
63) see a cirque du soleil performance
64) attend a murder mystery dinner Sept 2013
65) find the perfect lil black dress
66) read 27 socially relevant classics (0/27)
67) go to 5 concert in the park (0/5)
68) one month media black out (except elmo and radio)
69) get all of our important papers together and up to date. Have one copy in the 72 hr bags, the house, the car, and the rally point (0/6)
70) Make up our 72hr bags

71) find new rally point
72) learn to have a year round indoor garden
73) re-learn to can goods
74) can enough food during the summer and fall to not have to buy canned goods during a winter
75) Create the at home puppet theater for my son that we have always wanted
76) volunteer 66 hours. [2 hours a month] (0/66)
77) inspire / encourage 1 other person to create their own 101 things list 9 July 2013
78) visit the hot springs!
79) Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons and framing them together (0/5)
80) Make 7 quilts (0/7)

81) Read a book in French (NOT a comic book)
82) watch 10 movies in 10 different languages (1/10)
83) No complaining for TWO weeks
84) Take a photo of the same place every month for a year and then turn it into a calendar for the next year!
85) find my black pair of heels! 30 June 2013!!
86) batch cook for one month
87) Create an interest and learning board and maintain it for 6 months
88) make a blessings journal to read new years eve! (0/3)
89) Try being a blonde
90) try a martin

91) Go a month without adding sugar
92) Get a bed, maybe a waterbed?
93) try kettle bells
94) find a hat that I can WEAR  Nov 2013 - family vaca!
95) keep track of each book I read
96) write a fanfiction
97) Complete (and start) my sons baby book
98) Learn how to reupholster
99) complete a sprint marathon
100) Have another baby with new husband (if still unmarried then sponsor another child)
101) graduate college!


  1. Hi from ICLW. I think I missed the one where Flossing Teeth should be on there ;-) Well heck you put it on your other lists. Just poking at you.

    1. hehehe no my 2013 resolutions are different from this. That list is about establishing newer and better habits


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