Domestic Violence

      October is domestic violence awareness month. DV has a lot of symptoms. Take the time to learn what DV might look like in the people that are around you. People who you could reach out to and maybe give them the courage to get help.

 Even if you are not in a place to break your silence take some time to look in to the help available. The picture above is hotlinked to a web page with resources. If that link does not work here is the web address.
 To read part of my own journey of DV you  can go here. Everyone heals in their own way. For the year mark of being safe from domestic violence this is what we chose to do.


  1. This is a very important cause! Millions of women (and men too) suffer domestic violence abuse around the world. You are not alone out there. For US residents you can also call the domestic violence hotline or get help on their web page No one deserves to be violated.


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