Our journey so far

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!!

      I would first like to say thank you for visitng my blog! This blog is my outlet and my life line! I love reading and connecting with you so leave a comment and I will go and visit your piece of cyber space :D 

     What is my blog about? My blog is a writen journey taken by a single woman, her son, and their dog. Living and loving under God in the PNW. There are a lot of things that I cover in my blog. They generally differ as my interest change and grow.

     Some guarantees is that I will be talking about God, my son (family), different projects that we are under taking,  preping and all of the lessons that I have learned along the way.

     I dont like conflict but i do LOVE LOVE LOVE discusions! I feel that the art of discusion is lost! I know that personally I learn best when placed outside of my comfort zone. So weither or not you agree please feel invited to leave a respectful comment on your point of view. I hope to learn and grow through understanding and learning from other peoples exp and ideas.

Arete Dreamer = myself, the author
Gnome King =  my son, who is 2
Promise = our dog. A half blue heeler and pointer shelter mix rescue who is 1

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